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A Rose Is Still a Rose

Stackedmodels is all about sexy pics by pretty girls, so maintaining the “news” section can sometimes be challenging when we decide to share something serious.  It’s been said however that if Jesus was preaching today, he wouldn’t go preach to the believers, he would preach to those who needed the message most, so take this however you will.

In a series of tweets, actress Rose McGowan shared that she was raped by studio exec in her younger days, but didn’t speak out because her then-significant other had just sold a film to that same exec, and a lawyer advised her that there was no way she could possibly win against somebody that powerful.  While it’s up to each individual to decide who or what s/he believes, Rose has alluded to it before and it still haunts her, which is why this Trump flap has caused her to bring it up once again.

Rather than make a judgement call, we’re going to just save you at least a thousand words and let these pics of McGowan at her most sexy speak for themselves.  The study of psychology has taught that women who’ve experienced sexual abuse at early ages tend to either shut down, or become more sexual later in life.  This is Rose McGowan.  The conclusions are all your own.