STACK Models Inc.
November 6, 2016

A Stackmodels Voter Guide, For Donald Trump (and Others)

So the latest pseudo-controversy / shade from Donald Trump came after J-Lo had Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton join her in Miami at a free concert, and Beyonce and JayZ did a rally for Hillary in New York.  It seems that the Mexican and Muslim hater became really jealous, saying that he “didn’t have to bring J-Lo or Jay Z, the only way [Clinton] gets anybody.”

Since the birther movement proved Trump’s racism to us long ago, we wonder if he’s also getting Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce confused.  So as a public service to Mr. Drumpf–er… “Trump,” and any voters still on the fence, we offer this reminder.  This is J-Lo:

…and this is Beyonce:

So besides the killer curves, what do both these lovely ladies have in common?  They’re both supporting Hillary Clinton.  We leave the rest up to you.